Water Rates

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Thursday 19 June 2014 Council passed a resolution to introduce a new water rating system for Burke Shire. The new system has been developed with reference to Council's legal obligations, professional consultation and community feedback.

You can view the Reduction in Water Consumptions Policy document.

If you believe your water bill is excessive because of a concealed leak or faulty meter, you may apply for a reduction using this form: Request for Reduction of Water Consumption form

Being Water Wise:

Burke Shire Council is committed to reducing water wastage within the Shire, and there are plenty of ways that you can be a part of this process. Have a browse of the information below for some simple tips to help you conserve water, and reduce your water bills:

Burke Shire Council's Water Wise Future:

This PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying handout were used at our Community Education Sessions. It provides a background to the new water rating system in Burke Shire and outlines a number of initiatives Council, and ratepayers can take advantage of to improve their water efficiency.

Presentation: Water Wise Education Presentation

Handout: Water Wise Education Handout

Detecting Leaks & Reading Your Meter:

This info sheet will help if you're unsure how to read your water meter, or want to check for hidden leaks around your property: Detecting Leaks & Reading Your Meter Fact Sheet

Home Water Audit:

This Water Audit sheet should give you an idea of how much water typical household activities use, and help you to calculate your own water usage: Home Water Audit Fact Sheet

How To Be Waterwise:

This brochure is designed to give you a range of simple water-saving techniques to use around your house and garden: How To Be Waterwise Fact Sheet

Being Waterwise at home:

A lot of your household water use takes place in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen. This info sheet suggests a few basic ways to be more water-efficient in these areas: Being Waterwise at home Fact Sheet.

Water Saving Tips For Your Garden:

The garden is another place we use a lot of water, the tips and tricks in this brochure can help you keep your lawn and garden green and healthy, without running up a big water bill: Water Saving Tips For Your Garden Fact Sheet.

Want To Know More?

The Queensland Government features even more material on achieving sustainable water usage on their Waterwise website. You can access it all here: https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/water/use/community