Corporate Plan

Corporate Plan 2019-24

The Corporate Plan defines Council’s strategic vision for the next five years and identifies the ways in which Council will measure its performance in delivering on this vision. The Plan commits Council to a vision of inclusivity, innovation and integrity. It commits Council to a suite of Priority Projects and Initiatives and it commits Council to deliver on the following goals:

  • Community: Council acts, directly or through facilitation or advocacy, to promote healthy, inclusive and sustainable communities in the Burke Shire.
  • Governance: Council is committed to financial, asset, environmental and community sustainability and secures these ends through efficient and effective decision-making processes. This, in turn, promotes community confidence, employee pride and stakeholder satisfaction with the organisation.
  • Assets: Council makes appropriate infrastructure investments (operations, maintenance, renewals, upgrades, acquisitions, disposals) to ensure the delivery of appropriate levels of service to the community. These decisions are made with reference to financial, asset and community sustainability.
  • Environment: Council acts, directly or through facilitation or advocacy, to promote positive environmental outcomes for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • Economy: a diverse, strong and sustainable economy that provides employment and business opportunities for current and future generations.

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