Grants / Funding Opportunities

How a grant helps your project or event

One way to make your event or project successful and sustainable is to apply for funding through a grant. There are many types of grants, including government and philanthropic (private).

Latest Community Grant Listing 

Please see the attachment below for the latest Community Grants Listing. If you are planning an event or are seeking other specific funding please contact Council so we are able to assist you directly. 

Some common grants

Organisation / Source Weblink
Queensland Government
Australian Government Grant Finder Grants and programs finder |
Philanthropy Australia (Director of funders)
RDA Townsville and North West Qld

Australia Council for the Arts
Small Business Grants 

For grant advice and support from Council please contact to discuss how Burke Shire Council can assist in your grant application. 

For letters of support please contact Council on (07) 4745 5100 or


  1. Develop a 'wish list' so that you know what your needs are before you look for a suitable grant.
  2. Continually monitor grant opportunities.
  3. Read the grant's terms and conditions to find out if it is suitable for you.
  4. Determine if a financial contribution is required by the applicant and whether or not you have the capacity to do so.
  5. Develop and submit the application with the following in mind:
    • Make contact with the appropriate person in the funding body before you submit your application (having a direct contact is invaluable)
    • Keep a copy of the information you provide in your application. This is a record for you and will also be potentially useful for future applications.
    • Ask someone who is not associated with the grant application to read it as a fresh pair of eyes. Ask them to look for grammatical or spelling errors.
    • Ensure that your application is lodged in the required timeframe. Do not leave until the last minute as technical issues and other problems may cause delays. This may affect the success of your application.
  6. If you are successful, make sure you follow the terms and conditions of the grant (including acquittal).
  7. If you are unsuccessful, do not be disheartened. Ask the funding body for feedback about your grant application, as this will help with future applications.

Useful data sources to help with your application

Organisation Weblink
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Queensland Government Statistician's Office
Tourism Tropical North Queensland

If you are unable to find appropriate data please contact Council for assistance ( 


More advice

The Burke Shire's administration team is happy to assist with advice on applying for grants.

Contact the Council on (07) 4745 5100 Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 4:00pm or email