Burke Shire Council supports the community through an annual donations (financial and in-kind) programme for special projects and events within the Shire.

These applications are considered on a case-by-case basis as they are received.

To be eligible for this support, the following criteria should be met:

  • The requested support must provide a direct benefit to the Burke Shire community
  • Applicants must agree to comply with conditions which Council may apply to the support provided, for example, provision of a not-for-profit organisation's financial statements or evidence of public acknowledgment of Council's support.

The following applications will generally be considered ineligible:

  • The applicant has previously received support but has failed to meet the conditions of that support
  • The applicant has an outstanding debt with Council
  • The project is for a private commercial (for profit) activity
  • The project does not provide a direct benefit to the Burke Shire community.

Types of support offered through this programme include waiving fees associated with hiring council facilities; waiving photocopying charges; providing monetary donations; and the provision of plant (with operator) and equipment for community events just to name a few.

To obtain a copy of the Burke Shire Council Donation Request Form, contact the Council on (07) 4745 5100 between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday or email We will email you a copy of the form which can be filled out electronically.

Form available for download below:

Donation request form