Burketown Flood Risk Management Study 2020

The Burketown Flood Risk Management Study was completed in April 2020. Completion of this study allowed Council to review current flood risk management measures and to complete updated flood modelling for Burketown and surrounds. 


This updated flood modelling will help to guide future planning and development in and around Burketown. This is of particular interest for any new developments to the south and to the west of Burketown. For example, section 6 of the Study:

  • Identifies suitable building envelopes in flood-affected areas; and

  • Provides guidance on suitable building and development controls to be implemented to manage and mitigate flood risks in flood-affected areas.

Accordingly, this Study is complementary to the Burke Shire Planning Scheme and will help to satisfy one of the performance outcomes for any new development:

Performance Outcome

Acceptable Outcome

Development directly, indirectly and cumulatively avoids any increase in water flow velocity or flood level and does not increase the potential for flood damage either on-site or on other properties.



Where development is located within an area identified as flood hazard on the flood hazard maps (as identified in Schedule 2 –Flood mapping):

  •  A hydraulic and hydrology report, prepared by a suitably qualified professional, demonstrates that the development;

    • i. maintains the flood storage capacity on the subject site, and

    • ii. does not increase the volume, velocity, concentration or flow path alignment of stormwater flow across sites upstream, downstream or in the general vicinity of the subject site; and

    • iii. does not increase stormwater ponding on-sites upstream, downstream or in the general vicinity of the subject site.


Funding arrangements

This project was co-funded by Burke Shire Council and the Queensland Reconstruction Authority through the Disaster Resilience Fund. Council thanks the QRA for their support of this very important initiative.