Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

Burke RCRG



Burke Shire Council have recently completed a Coastal Hazard Adaption Strategy (CHAS) under the QCoast2100 program, which is a state-wide initiative of the Queensland Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

The strategy, known as the “Resilient Coast – Resilient Gulf” strategy will assist Council to proactively plan for managing coastal hazard impacts until 2100, especially those related to climate change.

The process undertaken has involved the engagement of a number of key community stakeholders, with the document now presented as a Final Summary Report (link below).

This report provides a summary of the Coastal Hazard Adaption S activities and outcomes. Key activities of Phase 8 have included:
• Relevant engagement and communication actions and materials
• Development of a Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy and supporting documentation
• Development of a 10-year Implementation Plan, including monitoring and evaluation and change management actions.

Key outcomes from Phase 8 include:
• A shared understanding of coastal hazards and adaptation options
• A shared understanding of preferred adaptation actions for the Burke Shire coast
• A shared understanding of priority actions for implementation over the next 5 – 10 years,   with shared stakeholder roles and responsibilities

If you are interested in contributing to the Resilient Coast – Resilient Gulf strategy, please put forward your ideas as your input will be valuable to inform the future Council initiatives. Comments and feedback can be provided by email to, or in writing directly to Council, addressed to Graham O’Byrne.

Link to strategy document below:

Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

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