Burke Shire Council

Budget Budget

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Burke Shire Councillors take their financial responsibilities for the Shire and future generations very seriously. A key component of the 2017 - 18 budget is the allocation of expenditure toward the rehabilitation of road infrastructure. Funding has been allocated for the reseal of Doomadgee East Road, Floraville Road, seal of Doomadgee West Road and a performance upgrade of the Gregory to lawn Hill Road under the Drought Communities Program.

Council has identified a number of key sustainability measures to be implemented progressively including the allocation of funding for the delivery of key solar infrastructure to power the water treatment plant in Gregory. The up-front expenditure that Council will incur will be off-set by the long-term reduction in operational costs.

The budget also allocates funding toward improving landfills and renewing infrastructure in the Shire: renovations to the Visitor Information Centre, replacement and renovation of housing.