Emergency Information

Burke Shire Flooding Emergency March 2023 

Burke Shire is currently experiencing an unprecendeted flooding emergency. Evacuations are occuring and are continuing to occur. For the latest updates please visit the Burke Shire Council Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/BurkeShireCouncil. 

In an emergency call triple 000. 

For any other flood related enquiries please contact Shannon Moren 0456 583 968 (smoren@burke.qld.gov.au) or Kimberly Chan 0417 335 259 (kchan@burke.qld.gov.au).

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Flood Updates Feed:

Flooding Update 21st March 2023

Clean up crews comprising of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), Carpentaria Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (CLCAC) Rangers from Burketown and Normanton and Queensland Police Service (QPS) have been assisting the with clean-up efforts in Burketown.

The crew have scheduled work that has been prioritised accordingly. If you have any queries or questions regarding the clean-up schedule or potential cleaning required, please contact Kevin Anderson on 0427 112 073.

A number of houses have now been cleaned, as well as the community gym!

Please be mindful of the uneven floor surface at the gym as the carpet needed to be ripped out – this will be repaired in the near future. Council was also recently successful with a grant to improve the gym so watch this space!

Professional cleaners will be heading to Gregory and the Bidunggu Community at the end of this week to do the initial cleaning of the homes affected by flooding.

Cleaning supplies are available for those wishing to commence personal clean-up. If you would like supplies, please stop by the SES building between 8am – 4pm or contact Kevin on the details above.

Thank you to all who are assisting in the Burke Shire Community!

Mat cleaning


Cleaning driving


Gym clean up


Driveway cleaning2


Mental Health Information



Burke Shire Flooding Update 14th March 2023 (hyperlink)

Gregory Flooding Update 14th March 2023 

Update - 13th March 2023 

Burke Shire Flood Update 13th March 2023

Please be cautious when moving about the community because although the floodwater is receding,
we do not know what damage has been caused to the road network and various infrastructure
which may be still under water.

There could be concealed hazards and other dangers that cannot be seen, including crocodiles.
Due to the likelihood of bacteria being within the floodwaters, people should avoid walking in the
water where avoidable. Please do not swim in the floodwaters.

There are currently two hazards identified, noted below. Please take care and obey signage when
moving in these areas.

  • Beames Street – outside Nowlands and Post Office
  • Anthony and Burke Street Intersection

If you notice other hazards in the community, please contact Council as a matter of priority.
Gregory floodwaters and services continue to be monitored.

Power update:
There is currently an electrical contractor based in town to do pre-connection inspections on
properties that have power disconnected. Ergon will be visiting daily to restore power to impacted
areas in town on a staged basis.
Power supply as it stands will remain on.

Water update:
Council will also be isolating the water connections to our recently vacated town properties in an
attempt to preserve water stocks.
As reminder, water restrictions are in place for Burketown residents effective today – with water
only operational from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm.

Sewerage update:
Sewerage services remain compromised for Burketown and everyone is encouraged to use the
following alternative arrangements:

  • Portable toilets are located at the front of the school and clinic.
  • Rodeo grounds public toilets

Council is working to restore sewerage operations to Burketown and will notify the residents once

Resupply of food:

  • Resupply has been delivered to the Gregory community
  • Arrangements are being made to deliver to rural properties in the Shire
  • Burketown resupply will take place tomorrow (Tuesday 14 March 2023)


Over the coming days Council will releasing further community notices, particularly on Community

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact one of the following:

  • Burketown Police 0475 823 556
  • CEO Dan McKinlay 0437 238 957
  • Clinton Murray 0408 872 377
  • Madison Marshall 0427 436 086

Dan McKinlay
Chief Executive Officer

Update - 12th March 2023 

Mayor's Message in Relation to Current Flooding Event in Burke Shire - latest release 12th March 2023

Update - 12th March 2023

Due to ongoing flooding in Burketown water restrictions for Burketown will be implemented until further notice.

As a solution to conserve the treated water supply please observe the following restrictions:

•    The water will be shut off and only operational between the hours of 7.00am to 10.00am and 4.00pm to 7.00pm. 

•    This will take effect as of Monday 13 March 2023. 

•    Arrangements are currently being made to fly more bottled water into town. 

Water supply will continue to be monitored and information distributed as appropriate. 

If you have any questions please contact Shannon Moren: 0456 583 968 or Kimberly Chan: 0417 335 259

Update 2PM 11-03-23 - Evacuation flights will no longer occur after today (11th March 2023). Residents are strongly encouraged to evacuate as there will be no planned evacuation flights tomorrow. Residents must be present at the muster point (Hospital Road, Burketown Clinic) by 3.30pm today (11th March 2023).

Update 2.15PM 11-03-23 - Due to the current emergency flooding and emergency evacuations residents are advised power and sewerage services may not be functional from this current time onwards. Residents are strongly advised to leave. 

All residents should strongly consider leaving now. 

For those leaving, please pack one backpack and make your way to the designated muster point at Hospital Road (Burketown Clinic) and arrangements will be made to ensure you are evacuated to a safe location. 

If you require assistance in getting evacuated please contact.

Shannon Moren: 0456 583 968

Kimberly Chan: 0417 335 259

Burketown Power Supply 11-03-2023 10.10AM

Due to flooding, Ergon Energy personel are currently in Burketown monitoring the power situation. They will be noitifying residents and inspecting properties to determine if power will need to be cut. Further updates regarding power will be communicated as received. 

Please contact Ergon Energy Emergency on 13 16 70. 

Burketown Sewerage Outage - 11-03-2023 11.20AM

The Burketown Community has now lost sewerage services due to flooding. Alternative arragenments have been made. Portable toilets have been placed at the following locations and will be continually monitored for waste removal.

  • Anthony Street Intersection
  • Firefly Street Intersection 
  • Burketown Rodeo Grounds and Moungibi Oval Amenities Block

If you have any questions please contact Shannon Moren 0456 583 968 or Kimberly Chan 0417 335 259.

Grants and Financial Assistance March 2023 Flooding Event 

There are currently a number of grants avaliable to assistance Burke Shire Residents with flooding and relocation costs. Whilst we understand some of the grants at this stage are not relevant as residents are unable to view property damage, it is advisable to understand grants avaliable to residents to prepare for post disaster recovery. 

If you have any further questions please contact Council. 

Burke Shire LGA Emergency Hardship Assistance Grant 

•    Emergency Hardship Assistance grants now available to people in the Burke Local Government Area (LGA) following recent heavy rainfall and flooding
•    You are experiencing immediate and urgent needs as a result of the disaster event – such as food accommodation and medication
•    Emergency Hardship Assistance grants of up to $180 per person and $900 for a family of five.
•    You must be 18 years or older to complete the application 
•    You must have Identification, bank account details and a valid email address to apply - for the "Search for Grants" section please use a date on/after 5th March 2023 for the "Date you were affected" component to ensure you are able to find the appropriate grant. 
Apply for grants online at www.qld.gov.au/DisasterHelp. Please call the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 for assistance.

Essential Households Content Grants 

The Essential Household Contents Grant is to replace essential lost household contents, such as bed linen and white goods. This grant may be available if you:

  • live in the affected area
  • own the items that have been lost
  • own or rent the affected residence
  • are uninsured or unable to claim insurance
  • meet the income limits.

We will visit your home to assess the damage. We will need photographic evidence if items must be disposed of.

Grant amount:

  • $1,765 for individuals
  • up to $5,300 for couples or families.

Essential Services Safety and Reconnection Grant

The Essential Services Safety and Reconnection grant is to help with for safety inspection and repairs to reconnect essential services e.g. gas, water, electricity and sewage. This grant may be available if you:

  • live in the affected area
  • have had your essential services disconnected
  • own and live in the affected residence
  • are uninsured or unable to claim insurance
  • meet the income limits.

We will visit your home to assess the damage.

Grant amount:

Inspection costs—$200 for safety inspection for water, electricity, gas and sewage. Up to $5,300 for couples or families
$4,200 for repairs or replacement of these services.

Structural Assistance Grant 

The Structural Assistance Grant is to help with structural repairs or contribution towards replacement of dwelling. This grant may be available if:

you live in the affected area
you own and live in the affected residence
your home has become structurally unsafe to live in
are uninsured or unable to claim insurance
meet the income limits.
We will visit your home to assess the damage.

Grant amount:

Uninsured, low income, owner-occupiers may receive up to a maximum of $50,000 to help repair your home to make it safe, secure and habitable.

General Emergency Management 

Latest weather updates

To keep up to date with the latest cyclone advice visit http://www.bom.gov.au/cyclone/index.shtml

For general weather updates visit the Bureau of Meteorology website

3 Steps to Get Ready Information  https://www.getready.qld.gov.au/

Emergency contact details

000 Emergencies
112 Emergencies - Mobile Phone
1800 044 576 Fire Comms - Northern Region
132 500 SES (State Emergency Services)
07 4744 1611 Burketown Police
07 4745 5133 Burketown Health Clinic
13 22 96 Ergon Energy (Faults)
13 11 14 Lifeline
13 19 05 RACQ
13 19 40 Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) 
13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) Queensland Health


The Burke Shire is no stranger to natural disasters, the towns and properties in the shire are regularly isolated for long periods and primary producers all too often suffer losses through flood.

The Burke Local Disaster Management Group is a dedicated group of council and non council staff that works throughout the year to reduce the impact of natural disaster on the residents of the shire. This group is fully supported by the Burke Shire Council and the council is committed to ensuring the safety and sustainability of the shire through best practice disaster management.

Burke Shire Local Disaster Management Plan

Burke Shire Local Evacuation Plan

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