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Burke Shire Council communicates with the community thorugh its range of corporate publications available electronically and also on hardcopy by visiting the Council office in Musgrave Street, Burketown.

If you cant find what your looking for, please contact our Customer Service Officer on 07 4745 5100 for support or by requesting in writing to:-

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Community Plan

The Burke Shire Community Plan is a strategic 'visionary' document which identifies the Shire's main aspirations and priorities for the next 10 years. It provides the foundations for residents, businesses, organisations and Council to work together to enhance the region.

Burke Shire Council would like to thank everyone who contributed to the plan.

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan is Council's principal strategic document. It provides a five year framework for Council and identifies the priority issues for the Shire. The Plan then details outcomes proposed to address the priority issues and the strategies to achieve the outcomes. The Corporate Plan is a public document that gives stakeholders a written record of the key issues Council is addressing at this time.

Operational Plan

As part of its legislative responsibilities under the Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012, Council must adopt an annual Operational Plan. The Operational Plan sits between the Corporate Plan and the annual Budget. It outlines the way in which Council will progressively meet the strategic targets set in the Corporate Plan and defines the allocation of expenditure in the Budget.

As with the Corporate Plan, the Operational Plan establishes a set of milestones and key performance indicators to be met throughout the year. The CEO presents Council’s progress against these targets on a quarterly basis (s174(3) of the Local Government Regulation 2012).  

First Quarter - July to September 2017

Second Quarter - October to December 2017

Third Quarter - January to March 2017

Fourth Quarter - April to June 2016

Asset and Services Management Plan

This plan is the first or ‘core' Asset and Services Management Plan for Burke Shire Council.

The plan is intended as the simplest possible representation of the needs of the community for Levels of Service and the management of the incumbent assets, because Burke Shire Council has limited capacity to provide a comprehensive management framework.


Burke Shire Councillors take their financial responsibilities for the Shire and future generations very seriously. A key component of the 2017 - 18 budget is the allocation of expenditure toward the rehabilitation of road infrastructure. Funding has been allocated for the reseal of Doomadgee East Road, Floraville Road, seal of Doomadgee West Road and a performance upgrade of the Gregory to lawn Hill Road under the Drought Communities Program.

Council has identified a number of key sustainability measures to be implemented progressively including the allocation of funding for the delivery of key solar  infrastructure to power the water treatment plant in Gregory. The up-front expenditure that Council will incur will be off-set by the long-term reduction in operational costs .

The budget also allocates funding toward improving landfills and  renewing infrastructure in the Shire:  renovations to the Visitor Information Centre, replacement and renovation of housing.

Annual Report

This Annual Report offers the public insight into the primary activities undertaken by, and the financial position of, Burke Shire Council.

The report discloses, as legislated by the Local Government Act, the Audited Financial Statements for the previous Financial Year. This disclosure, coupled with the provision of a "Community Financial Report" demonstrates the Council's commitment to open and accountable governance and provides a medium by which the Shires constituents may generate an understanding of the Shire's financial position and performance during the period in question.

Further to the above, the Annual Report communicates, to the public at large, the highlights and major achievements of the Council for the previous financial year.

Burke Shire Council Business Continuity Plan

Burke Shire Council Business Continuity Plan

Register of Delegations

Section 257 (1) (b) of the Local Government Act 2009 provides for a local government to delegate powers under the LGA, or under another Act, to the CEO.

Section 260 of the Local Government Act 2009 requires the CEO to record all delegations in a register that is open to the public.

Click here to view the Register of Delegations from Council to CEO.