Burke Shire Council

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Schedule 5  Local Heritage Places

The Burke Shire Council has adopted a Local Heritage Register in accordance with the requirements of Part 11 of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 (the Act). The Act requires local councils keep a Local Heritage Register of places of cultural significance in its area and will identify and protect the history and heritage of the Burke Shire for future generations.

The local heritage places not only provide a sense of identity for the local community but reflect the unique history of our Shire. The places listed below have been included on the register as they reflect the important historical themes of the Burke Shire.

The significance of identified places was assessed using recognised heritage criteria including:

  1. The place is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of the Shires history.
  2. The place demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of the Shire's cultural heritage.
  3. The place has potential to yield information that will contribute to an understanding of the Shire's history.
  4. The place is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a particular class of cultural places important to the Shire.
  5. The place is important to the Shire because of its aesthetic significance.
  6. The place is important in demonstrating a high degree of creative or technical achievement at a particular period for the Shire.
  7. The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons important to the Shire.
  8. The place has a special association with the life or work of a particular person, group or organisation of importance in the Shire's history.
Place Name Address Town Real Property Description Statement of heritage significance
Burketown Bore Beames Street Burketown 74/PC21 (a), (e)
Old Burketown wharf Bowen Street Burketown 17°44'41.64"S
(a), (c)
Burketown Cemetery Off Truganini Road Burketown 121/B1366 (a)
Adel’s Grove (hardwood and Frenchman’s Garden) Lawn Hill Road Lawn Hill 3/GY15 (a)
Woods Lake (remains of Chinese garden) Approximately 5km west of Burketown Burketown 17°44'33.69"S
adjacent to 102-103/PC19
(a), (c)
Gregory cemetery Off Wills Development Road Gregory 1/BK1 (a)
Old Brook Hotel (bottle heap and stockyard) Hanns Crossing; approximately 1km north of Beamesbrook Bridge on the western side of Wills Developmental Road   118/PC41 (a), (c)
Frederick Walker’s grave and memorial Floraville Station, about 70km south of Burketown. Floraville 1906/PH1404 OR 1906/SP272843 (a), (h)
Joe Flick’s grave Lawn Hill Station Lawn Hill 4/CP849581 (a), (h)
Old Aboriginal Reserve Camooweal Road Burketown 104/PC20 (Res 11192) (a), (c), (g)