Burke Shire Council

Draft Planning Scheme - for public consultation Draft Planning Scheme - for public consultation


Schedule  2  Mapping

SC2.1  Map index

The table(s) below list any strategic framework, zoning, and overlay maps applicable to the planning scheme area.

Map number  Map title Gazettal date

Table SC2.1.1—Map index

Strategic Framework maps
BRC SF1 Strategic Framework Map  
BRC BC1 Context Map  
Zone Maps
BTN BZ1 Burke Shire Zoning Map  
BTN BZ2 Burketown and Environs Zoning and Precincts Map  
BTN BZ3 Burketown Zoning and Precincts Map  
BTN BZ4 Gregory and Environs Zoning and Precincts Map  
BTN BZ5 Gregory Zoning and Precincts Map  
Flood Hazard Maps
BTN FH1 Burke Shire Flood Hazard Map  
BTN FH2 Burketown Environs Flood Hazard Map  
BTH FH3 Gregory Environs Flood Hazard Map  


Interactive Mapping System

SC2.2    Online Mapping Resources

The table below lists online mapping resources relevant to the planning scheme.

SPP Mapping

Table SC2.2.1 Online Mapping Resources

State Interest SPP Theme Map Layer
Economic Growth Agriculture Agriculture land classification (ALC) Class A and Class B
Mining and Extractive Resources Stock Route Network
Environment and Heritage Biodiversity Matters of State Environmental Significance
Cultural Heritage Heritage Places
Water Quality Climatic Regions - stormwater management design objectives
Infrastructure State Transport Infrastructure State-controlled roads
Public passenger transport
Energy and Water Supply Bulk water supply
Major electricity infrastructure
Strategic airports and aviation facilities Aviation facility
Hazards and Safety Natural hazards, risk and resilience Bushfire hazard areas
Emissions and hazardous activities Abandoned Mines


Editor’s note – Other mapping referenced in the planning scheme is hyperlinked to State Planning Policy.