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Customer Service Standards - Water and Waste Management Customer Service Standards - Water and Waste Management

Burke Shire Council (BSC) is committed to delivering quality and reliable water and sewerage services to its customers. This customer service standard outlines the level of service that BSC water and sewerage customers can expect and the targets that BSC strive to achieve to meet these are identified.

The customer service standards also describe the processes for service connection, billing, metering, accounting, customer consultations, shared responsibilities and dispute resolution.

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Service Standards

Performance Indicator

Performance Measure


Water Services

Water mains breaks

Per 100 km / year


Incidents of unplanned interruptions

Per 1,000 connections / year


Water quality related complaints

Per 1,000 connections / year


Drinking water quality

% of samples tested with no E. coli detection / year


Time to respond to water incidents – water quality complaints, burst mains, supply interruption

% of response to incident <12 hours


Sewerage Services

Sewer mains breaks and chokes (blockages)

Per 100 km / year


Sewerage complaints – overflow on properties and odour

Per 1,000 connections / year


Time to respond to sewerage incidents – blockages, chokes, overflows

% of response to incident <12 hours



Total water and sewerage complaints (any nature)

Per 1,000 connections / year



Customer Service Standards

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Water and Sewer Documents Water and Sewer Documents

In order to comply with the requirements of s575A of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008, Council must publish electronic copies of a number of documents and reports relevant to the water and sewerage service it provides to its customers.These documents can be found below: