Burke Shire Council

Corporate Plan Corporate Plan

Link: Corporate Plan 2014-19

The Corporate Plan is Council's principal strategic document. It provides a five year framework for Council and identifies the priority issues for the Shire. The Plan then details outcomes proposed to address the priority issues and the strategies to achieve the outcomes. The Corporate Plan is a public document that gives stakeholders a written record of the key issues Council is addressing at this time.

For a review of the 2014-19 Corporate Plan, please follow this link:Corporate Plan 2014-19 Review

Corporate Plan 2019-24

Council is seeking feedback on its draft Corporate Plan for 2019-24. Council is seeking feedback by 4:00pm on Friday 21 June 2019 to enable formal adoption of the Plan in July 2019. Following adoption, Council will continue to welcome feedback on the Plan.

Please follow this link for the draft Plan: Corporate Plan 2019-24 DRAFT

Please follow this link for a Frequently Asked Questions sheet on Council’s Corporate Plan: Corporate Plan FAQs

Please follow this link to download a feedback form: Corporate Plan 2019-24 Feedback Form