Burke Shire Council

Business Continuity Plan Business Continuity Plan

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Burke Shire Council undertakes a number of critical functions within the community some of which include: the operation of aerodromes, the storage and treatment of water for drinking, the collection and treatment of sewerage, the provision of drainage systems, the building and maintenance of roads and bridges, the collection and disposal of waste, the operation of landfill sites, the operation of local cemeteries, the regulation of activities which affect the quality of the environment including air, noise and water, and the provision of public health services such as food licences and monitoring of mosquito breeding. An event which interrupts the Council’s ability to perform any of these critical functions must be planned for and mitigated against. Each department of Council has interdependency on each other as well as dependencies on external agencies such as materials and service providers. As such, each department of Council has a role in the development, review and discharge of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

The purpose of this plan is to ensure that Council is able to continue to deliver its critical business activities following a significant business interruption event. The plan aims to safeguard personnel, minimise damage to buildings and assets, and to restore services as quickly as possible.